Mark D.

I purchased one of West Haven Farms freezer boxes and was very happy with what I bought. It was exactly as advertised on their sheet- but even better the meat was tender and very lean. We don’t usually buy grass feed natural beef but will definitely be buying it again!


Serena V.

I buy a quarter of beef from here every year and I am very pleased with the quantity and quality of the beef. I spent the same amount on beef every year from the grocery store but now I get local farm fresh grass fed beef!! If you like spicy I recommend the jalapeno cheddar smokies...there delicious!!


Heather S.

We recently purchased from West Haven together with other family members. We are trying to find high quality meats and want to support locally grown. We are very happy with the product and will order from them again. We haven't used all the different cuts yet, but everything so far has been tender and tasty.


Jeff D.

After a family member recommended their meat. I decided to give it a try. Both my wife and I were very impressed. Excellent packaging and well labelled. The meat was delicious. Not only will I purchase meat from West Haven Farms again, I'll purchase a larger quantity.


Eike G.

Amazing beef, awesome taste. Been purchasing half a cow every year and service has been the best. Every time my order is delivered as requested ! Highly recommended!


Cheryl D.

We have been purchasing our beef from West Haven for 3 years. It has been the best beef and well worth the price. The best hamburger we have ever cooked!


Betty-Lou H.

My husband and I have been purchasing from West Haven Farms for a couple years now. I was raised on a farm and this meat tastes like I remember beef tasting when I was a child. Grass fed tasty lean and tender. I worked as a chef and baker for over 20 years and have not found better beef. We had a roast last night that was so enjoyable and fork tender.