Why Grass-Fed & Finished?


Local Naturally Grass Fed-Beef

Central Alberta's

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Our Galloway cattle are raised humanely and naturally in an environmetally sustainable manner. No antibiotics, or hormones.  No confined feed lots and no grain.  Lean healthy meat the way it should be.  Taste the difference!  Call today.

Humane Husbandry 

Our cattle forage for grass and forbs year round.  In winter when forage is limited we feed supplemental hay from our own haylands. Chemical free! We use stress free management and low pressure handling systems. In fact, our cattle follow us to new pastures instead of being herded!  We limit the number of cattle on our land to ensure sustainability. 

West Haven Galloway's -Winter

 No confined feedlots, no grain, no antibiotics and no hormones. We also do not use herbicides or pesticides on our pastures. Our cattle are rotated through our paddocks to naturally manage forage, soil fertility, and pests similar to bison herds in the past.

Galloways have naturally marbled meat that is about 25% leaner than grain fed feedlot beef. Grass-fed beef has a higher Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratio so is also healthier for your cardiovascular well being.  We sell our grass fed beef as 1/4 and 1/2 sides or as wholes.  Mixed boxes (approx. 20 lb), and Lean or Extra Lean Hamburger (10 lb boxes) may also be available. All our beef is Government Inspected.

The Final Product

Natural Beef

West Haven Nursery

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Besides our Grass-fed beef we also operate a Tree Nursery with over 80 types of trees and many native shrubs for landscaping, shelterbelts, and reclamation.  Visit us on the web at West Haven Nursery. 

West Haven Galloway's -Winter